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Brandt is of German origin, usually takes awhile to see the true character of a Brandt but is always true to his friends and family. Can have moments of highs and moments of extremely lows. Is a ladies man at first sight, financially set, handsome, and can sneak in some funny jokes. Gullable at times but successfull. Usually surrounds himself in good company which is why its hard to make friends. Not affraid to try new things legal or not. Also not affraid to use a cheesy ice breaker to get things started. Usually a big size.
Look at that handsome guy he must be a Brandt.
Judging by the size of his stuff he must be a Brandt.
Now thats she is talking to you dont pull a Brandt.
by Dottie N February 03, 2010
A Brandt is someone who is so sweet, but often afraid to show his soft side. He is so funny and has an amazing taste in music, specifically screamo. He has a big heart and cares for his friends so much. He can be really mean and blunt though. He isn't afraid to tell you how he feels. This guy is always adorable and at first he may come off as shy, but he isn't. He is a great friend & you WILL fall in love with them.
person 1: I think I love Brandt...
person 2: No way..he seems like a dick.
person 1: Then you really don't know him.
by ADTR4life December 12, 2011
The drummer to one of the best cover bands ever, The knock off's. Plenty of style and lots of talent. He's a catch.
Girl # 1 "I went out with Brandt last night."

Girl # 2 "Wow, you are so lucky. He's a catch".
by Coco90638 May 22, 2009