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1. adj, everywhere, omni-present, always occuring
a) Yo, I ran train on that ho down in LA last week; shit, that bitch is frickin' ubiquitous!

b) I'm spreadin' the word about this bay weed. We're tryin'a make this shit ubiquitous!
by bayareaconductors-weruntrain April 17, 2009
Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time.
I can't get a date anymore because my stalker ex-girlfriend is always popping up like an ubiquitous psycho.
by Mr. Corruption July 12, 2005
1: an awesome version of 'common'
2: omnipresent
I've travelled all over the word, and air seems to be pretty ubiquitous
by commoner_wiiiiiiii January 20, 2011
Pronounced "ubaqueetus"

Synonym for sharkiesha, otherwise known as a soul sucking punch.
"Did you see that fight yesterday?"
"Yea, she ubiquitous'd her good."
by hydroxycut January 14, 2014
First Person Gaming style developed by Ubi, where the player is always moving and controling the entire map or playground. Combined with "aim" this is a powerful technique
Spectator: Wow! That playing is ubiquitous!
Player: Yes, he's everywhere, I'm getting whooped!
by Ubiquitous. April 29, 2009
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