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chinese in spanish...

and also...lead singer of the deftones!
chino moreno is fat now.
by carem April 05, 2003
THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. (p.s. igor is the best drummer ever.)
sepultura is like so brazilian dude!!! they are not chato. they are legal.
by carem April 04, 2003
a nutty nut
by carem January 28, 2003
its what the carioca boys do
AHHH troca-troca! oh my!
by Carem June 23, 2003
really hot guy
drummer of sepultura
by Carem January 23, 2003
To be in a state of confusion.
Matt and Carem are confustigatered.
by Carem October 28, 2003
to flam
to wail your arms about in a flaming postion
by Carem January 23, 2003

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