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4 definitions by CaptainEntendre

When a male is born, his penis is wearing a little turtleneck. Circumcision is the process of pulling the "collar" up and snipping it right off, so that it wears less like a turtleneck and more like a comfortable T-shirt. Also aids in taking a piss because one won't piss all over oneself, or someone at an adjacent urinal.
The doctor took little johnny to the room for his circumcision.
by CaptainEntendre June 09, 2006
Masterbating with your off-hand to counteract the curve effect obtained from years of jerking it with your primary hand.
After getting totally drunk one night, David explained the concept of counter-whacking.
by CaptainEntendre July 31, 2006
To douche (like they talk about in all the summer's eve commercials)
Mary Jane thought she might get some from Bubba Ray tonight, so she went inside to clean the tuna bowl before her date.
by CaptainEntendre September 22, 2006
Making love, brokeback mountain style, wearing a saddle.
Thornton and his uncle got together for a little Brokeback Horizontal Tango.
by CaptainEntendre June 14, 2006