28 definitions by Captain Awesome

Just yet another word for dipshit, asswipe, loser moron, assclown, only I like the sound of it better.

My greatest word invention yet.
Kile is a jackweed, and he never gets any poontang.
by Captain Awesome February 25, 2005
Totally awesome guy who deserves utmost respect in all situations.
We were chillin' at this party, then a nubblet entered. I nearly crapped my pants in awe.
by Captain Awesome March 07, 2005
Another terrible invention of corperate america, a lousy damn sandwich. Though, it is one of the most entertaining sandwiches ever invented. IE, Ask any native american what that dollar sandwich is from jack in the box. native american would reply; A Yumbo Yack? Or there's always the mexican pronunciation; Humbo Hack. Equaly hillarious. If if your really lucky , you can get them to say "Yack in the box"
You; Hey, Chief running water, what do you want from jack in the box?

Chief running water; OH, Yack in the box? Get me a yumbo yack.

You; you mean jumbo jack LOLROFLCOPTERLMOAOMG
by captain awesome August 14, 2006
some gay bastard that played music.
Liberace holdong hands with elton john, marching next to a purple, upsidedown, triangle shaped float in a homosexual rights parade while waving a rainbow flag, is not as gay as that boy.
by Captain Awesome May 04, 2006
"Get them out".
Slang term lamented to a woman who's breasts you'd like to see. Invented by Joe Griffith of York, Pennsylvania in the late 1990's.
That bitch over there got some big ol' titties; she needs to GTO!
by Captain Awesome December 03, 2003
Basicly, me I am Captain Awesome. I reign supreme over all awesome, awesomeness, and anything to do with awesome. I am the one and only , the original, many have atempted to copy, none have succeeded.

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Spencer: Dude, how in the hell did you get mud on the roof of your truck?

Captain Awesome: I am Captain Awesome, thats how.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
Another term for penis.
Jenny is such a slut. She loves to slarve dode.
by Captain Awesome October 27, 2003

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