a person with the lowest ranking you can recieve while playing a video game!
You are such a nubblet! OMG!
by F-er July 19, 2005
A midgets appendage which has been removed and has healed forming a nubb or ending.
"Did you see sean's mini hands?"

"Yeah, what is with that nubblet on the left one?"
by Biggle009.5 April 04, 2008
Someone who doesn't have from the elbow down, or from the knee down, or is missing any extremities due to birth defect or them being cut off.
That guy has no legs!
Yeah, he's such a nubblet
by silly21424421234 November 17, 2008
Totally awesome guy who deserves utmost respect in all situations.
We were chillin' at this party, then a nubblet entered. I nearly crapped my pants in awe.
by Captain Awesome March 07, 2005

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