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refering to the amount of wang. either received, given or in existence.

Me and Max my old sweedish foreign exchange student buddy came up with that word when we were joking around in band class.
I gave her some serious wangage last night.

theres way to much wangage in this joint, lets find some titty.

I have got some serious wangage down south.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
"ehnt" is the closest spelling for the sound that is played for a wrong answer in a game show. The sound is commonly used in situations where one sees something ridiculous, stupid, or ridiculously stupid, a honda driver, some asshole on tv thats retarded, someone says something dumb or wrong or is doing something gay or wrong....ect. the goal is to be creative and expressive in its usage, to ridicule the object or person for which the noise was initiated and most importantly, to be extremely loud and obnoxious.
person one; woh, look at those 12's on that civic! that ride is FLYYYYYYY.
person two; EHNT!
by captain awesome February 11, 2008
Pisshell is a word used to exclame that you are angry or severly disapointed in something or someone.
Pisshell, screw you,lieing bitch.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
Exclamation of disapointment. or pissed-offness.

Piss-hell, this daman cd doesn't work.

Derived from piss; urinating, and Hell; purgatory, in a sence, urinating on hell, or in hell, or maybe you just pissed hell off.
piss-hell, I hate ricer fags.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
The New York Giants are commonly called the G-Men... and their fans are called fans.. From this day on, you can thank Captain AWESOME for creating a name for all of the New York Giants fans and supporters. Because the fans and supporters are huge part of the success the franchise has enjoyed over the years they deserve an AWESOME name too. One that complements and mirrors G-Men, one that says .. We are strong.. We help create this momentum and the forward acceleration of this AWESOME team.. We will from this day on be known as G-force.. We support the G-Men
Oh man, I went to the sports bar last night and I gotta tell you, the G-Force was strong last night!! Everyone in there was a Giants fan and it was loud and they are a proud group.. I'm glad to be a G-force
by Captain AWESOME October 27, 2013
a belling button ring. derived from fishing tackle. usually means a chick puts out.
Dude 1; Did you see Stephanie last night? She was sporting tummy tackle.

Dude 2; Oh man, when did she get a bitch hitch? I wonder if she puts out...maybe she's not such a waist of time.
by Captain Awesome October 13, 2007
A statement of frustration, like damnit. Only more vigorous and meaningful

I said ot one day when I was pissed at james for being a jackweed
Piss hell james, unfee your schedual, and quit being a jackweed.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005

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