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The bogus theory presented by a philostopher.
Johnny's blatant philostophy revealed he knew absolutely nothing about quantum theory OR religion. In fact it only served to reveal what an abject idiot he was for talking way out of his depth.
by CapTim October 17, 2007
When someone does something/buys something/acts in a certain way in order to compensate for a small penis.
Guy A: See that short balding guy with the Ferrari? Yeah, I bet he's compensating for something...

Guy B: That's a great example of compenisation right there.
by CapTim August 25, 2009
A combination of "diesel" and "hybrid"; referring to an upcoming trend amongst fuel-economy obsessed auto manufacturers of creating hybrid diesel / electric drivetrains.

Both technologies are not known for their exciting driving characteristics, so essentially a diesel / electric hybrid is where traditional (petrol-driven) performance motoring goes to die.
Man, if they continue developing diebrids they'll take all the joy out of motoring... it's enough to make any petrolhead sick to the stomach.
by CapTim January 06, 2010
A short story writing technique that uses the absolute minimum amount of written words to support and convey maximum meaning.

The word stems from a portmanteau of the words "skeleton" and "text", where the 'skeleton' is the minimum amount of support a human body needs, and 'text' referencing the written format.
Have you read those Jimmy TwoTone stories yet? It's as if entire story has been stripped-down to a skeleton made purely out of words; I believe it's called "skeletext".
by CapTim May 22, 2009
Anal sex.

Not to be confused with poop snookered
Hey baby, you down for some poop snooker tonight?
by CapTim November 18, 2008
To participate in an online discussion by only using copy 'n pasted information from similar discussions found on the internet.
In order to be taken seriously in this debate you'll have to do more than just participaste.
by CapTim October 21, 2008
A person who's participation in online discussions comprises purely of copy 'n pasted opinion from other similar forums.
I thought John was making more valid points than usual in our online debate, but then I realized he was just a participaster.
by CapTim October 21, 2008

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