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5 definitions by Cameron "Schblade"

A meaningless suffix added to the end of words in order to make them sound slang.

SEE: izzle
Off the heezy fo sheezy!

heezy - hook
sheezy - sure
by Cameron "Schblade" December 04, 2003
22 15
Relating to the slang term tight, meaning cool, or hip.
That game is tiz'ight.
by Cameron "Schblade" December 03, 2003
9 2
An acronym for "Rolling on floor laughing and biting into carpet". May also be conjoined with the acronym lmao to produce rofLMAOabic.
SEE: rodflmfao, rofl, lmao, lmfao, and roflmao.
That's hilarious, ROFLABIC
by Cameron "Schblade" December 03, 2003
6 0
An interjection or verb to be used when someone is doing well in athletic event or game.
I got schooled by that big guy while playing basketball.

Dude, you're schooling!
by Cameron "Schblade" December 03, 2003
15 52
1. One who is exceptionally talented in a certain field, whether it being acedemic or sport-related.
2. Slang for having to urinate.
1. That person is a wiz at basketball.
2. I need to wiz, I'll find a bush.
by Cameron "Schblade" December 03, 2003
95 218