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An organism that consumes small businesses.
"Did you hear that corporation ate up all the small businesses in that small town?"

"yeah, its a total romnivore."
by Caltox July 17, 2012
An individual with high academic accolades who uses them as an excuse to be an arrogant, condescending cunt.
I was in the middle of telling a hilarious joke when that educunt interrupted me to correct my grammar...
by Caltox July 09, 2013
Oakland-American is a term to describe the ghetto/hood-rat/shady crowd from the East Bay (San Francisco).

See New York's Bridge and Tunnel crowd.
"Every event in San Francisco has been ruined by the Bridge and Tunnel crowd."
"I think they prefer the term 'Oakland-American'"
by caltox January 02, 2014

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