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4 definitions by CT`

1. hey guys
2. clothing fashioned from dried grass
1. hay guise how's it going
2. your hay guise is rather stylish
by CT` July 20, 2010
can indicate correction of an obvious mistake
<Bruce> got work tomorrow :(
<Cecil> um
<Bruce> owait tomorrow is sunday :$
by CT` September 03, 2011
Describes something which causes internal anger which is not expressed outwardly. May result in eventual explosion of rage and/or fail.
That hat is inrageous, it fills me with inrage. I will now spend some time imagining grabbing it off his head and sort of crumpling it a bit and then maybe insulting him
by CT` August 23, 2010
emoticon for biting of lip

1. when scared
2. when embarrassed
<Joe> I'm about to do a bungee jump
<Tom> Ever thought the rope might snap?
<Joe> :f

<Matt> I just saw a guy slip over on a banana skin
<Ben> Did you laugh?
<Matt> Yes :f
by CT` July 31, 2010