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a jewish noob
(see noob)
i pwnd j00 joob hahaha
by cs October 20, 2003
best band ever-better then all-no equals- no competeters- not only are they getting in the rock & roll hall of fame, but their getting an entire wing dedicated to them Put aside DSOTM and the Wall and pick up a copy of More, Atom Heart Mother, Saucerful of secrets, or Relics, ull be amazed at how original and awesome thier early stuff was. Wish u were here and Animals are also awesome- but no matter wut they are still the best band ever NO ONE WILL EVER COMPARE, EVER
PF kicks so much ass, fuck all this new shit , like shitty ass emo and screemo. country fuckin sucks ass too. if u want to know everything about PF, like i do, go to pinkfloydhyperbase.dk
by CS March 11, 2005
The act of two females having their legs entwined in such a manner that both vaginas rub together, appearing much like two open pair of scissors.
"A scissor kiss party is the natural culmination of any all-girl sleepover."
by CS October 06, 2003
Not a diety, but still worshipped by many
All the Lewisites went to the temple...
by CS December 11, 2003
n. basicly Fucked.
v. "same as obove"
"Oh yeah, He's screwed..."
by CS December 24, 2002
The next level below a fool.
"Fuck off you cretin! You're just a waste of space!"
by CS January 10, 2004
A person who is of black and indian ancestry.
Your mom's black and your dad is Indian? Dude, you're a blendian!!
by CS November 15, 2003

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