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to be really really drunk, the combination of shit and faced.
Man last night I hooked up with this girl but I was to shaced to remember.
by CRP July 18, 2005
Being crazy drunk combined with the word control
Last night that party was out of crunktrol, there was a sea of silver cans on that table.
by CRP August 02, 2005
D.I.B.S is an acronym for Do It Big Syndrome
Look at that stack of benjamins.. you got D.I.B.S
by CRP October 10, 2005
a BMW 760il, better then the 745, if you get the 745 over the 760, its showing how cheap you are.
You see that 8pm.. my girl bought it for me.
by CRP September 20, 2005
being in or out of control when you are crunk; see reference to crunk
Man that party was out of crunktrol.. so many drinks and girls.. didnt know which one I had at any given point throughout the night.
by CRP August 26, 2005
having kush like qualities, see KUSH
that smells great.. its really kushy!
by CRP July 18, 2005
acronym for Pimp Of All Pimps.. rhymes with SOAP..
Hugh Heffner is def part of Team POAP..
by CRP August 26, 2005

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