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This refers to a broad category of mentally or physically deformed individuals. Unfortunately for these people, they were conceived after semen seeped from their respective mother's anuses into their vaginas after anal sex. This mixture of fecal matter and sperm, that fertilized their mother's eggs, often produced ghoulish offspring that are genetically predisposed to being very unattractive or educationally inept.
One could say that they passed a short bus full of butt-babies on their home from work or that they saw the maturing process of a butt-baby by watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning".
by C-Murdah April 05, 2007
A dinner-butt is when someone's lard ridden belly sticks out farther than their ass. This medical abnormality can easily be spotted in many populated areas, and a keen observer should always be on the lookout.
Hey look at that girl with an extra large dinner-butt, she either needs slim fast, or buns of steel training....
by C-Murdah November 30, 2005
A notebook computer that you often take into the bathroom with you when pooing. Often an older laptop that the owner doesn't care about.
Murdah: Hey dude can I get my crap top back, gonna check out youtube while I drop a duke.
by C-Murdah December 07, 2007
When someone is wearing a suit that is all brown in color, that is, brown pants and a matching brown blazer and it makes them look like a large article of human (or animal) excrement.
Damn, can you believe that Napoleon Dynamite was at the fucking dance wearin' that raunchy ass Dookie Suit in the movie.....
by C-Murdah November 30, 2005
Tripping or stumbling as a result of wearing flip-flops.
Carl: "How did you get that gnarly sprained ankle?"
Lenny: "Man I trip-flopped down the stairs last week".
by C-Murdah August 30, 2007
To ride around the city in a donk, usually with no particular destination. This aimless activity usually includes smoking blunts and sippin' drank.
You know how we do in North Cackalacky-- steady donkin' and grindin'.
by C-Murdah April 01, 2007
To ride around the dirty in a bubble, usually with no particular destination. This aimless activity usually includes smoking blunts and sippin' on drank.
Around the way, when shit ain't poppin off, the dope boys jump in the Caprice--steady bubblin' maan.
by C-Murdah April 01, 2007

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