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Small manufacturer of Korean cars that was at one point owned by Daewoo but is currently independent. Ssangyong, meaning "Twin Dragons" produces the ultra-luxurious Chairman Sedan, based on the Mercedes E Class, the uniquely styled Rexton SUV, the ubiquitious Musso, and the jeep like Korando. The company does not market in the US but has sales in Europe and Asia.
Ssangyong asserted it's independence from Daewoo following the troubled Korean automakers bankruptcy.
by C February 05, 2004
just pure skills
kevin is one skillfullguy
by c April 07, 2003
just pure and simple hot in every single way, smile, eyes, body, personality, pure hot. yummmmmm :o)
Dave is hizot!!!!!!!
by C June 14, 2006
Jizz from a gay man, usually applied to food.
Did you order extra bronco sauce on your burger?
by C June 30, 2004
also potential male prospects
so meg you have any prspects to take with you to the party or or you gonna scope the scene?
by C December 16, 2004
cones are out (euph). ie, only one
lane in use. ragweek. (cf. period)
Man 1: What's wrong with him?
Man 2: Cones are out.
Man 1: Poor sod.
by C February 24, 2004
cheapies (n). Schoolboy sexual thrills.
"Miss Pollard bent down to pick
up the chalk giving William his cheapies."
( from 'William stirs below' by
Richmal Compton ).
by C February 24, 2004

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