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1)South African slang for either a jock or jock orientated person.
2) Variation of bro or boet
Byron: Fuck man that guy is such a boytjie
Costa: yeah i know, all he thinks about is rugby and beer.
by Byron The Bomb September 16, 2006
Cape Coloured slang for a shag, or someone you going to shag
Ishmail: Where you gonna get your stuk tonight?
Gerald: Yo Ma!
by Byron The Bomb September 16, 2006
A form of socio-political thought purported by the South African political theorist Eben Smit. The thought is often described as 'cynical anarchy' and has been hailed by other well known South African political analysts like Prof. Herman Visser as a leading sociopolitical thought concerning the role of the counterculture in modern day politics.
Ebenism is more libertarian than anarchist.
No. Its not, its all together something completely different.
by Byron the Bomb October 19, 2007
When a natural disaster wipes out huge numbers of a populace whether it be in a town, city, state/province even a country, one could consider it to be a natural disaster genocide.

While genocide is often described in definition to be deliberate, it is the connotation of the word that brings about the definition of natural disaster genocide.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, droughts & floods are some of the most popular forms of natural disasters that often yield high casualty rates.
Haiti was a natural disaster genocide, an earthquake affected over one third of the country killing and displacing thousands.
by Byron The Bomb January 15, 2010
A large raucous drinking fest or party.
This word orginated in Cape Town, South Africa
Poodle: Yo Poefies are we having a skop this weekend in hermanus?
Poefies: Ya know def real.
by Byron The Bomb September 16, 2006
1) similar to name dropping, or acting in an embarassing manner.

2) Throwing ones name around as if to draw attention.

) To take your name and put it on a ball and chuck it
Byron: Did you check that guy at Poodles place, he was talking about this chick he had over the weekend, he was chucking name
by Byron the Bomb September 26, 2006
Possibly the best weapon used during World War II.
The Bomb refers to the 2 nukes that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
When the Yanks dropped the bomb, the Japs were out.
by Byron The Bomb September 26, 2006

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