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Person often found on certain gameservers and to be burned frequently
Burn Smit!
by ukmd n00b March 26, 2010
Noun form of the word smitten.
1. Sudden, unexpected attraction.
2. Object of sudden, unexpected attaction.
1. Before she realized what was happening, Betty was in deep smit with Joe Bob.
2. Joe Bob, Betty's current smit, was an excellent Greco-Roman wrestler.
by Jendra May 30, 2005
Smit - smit means smile :-)
It is fundamentally from a Indian Language(Marathi).
Actually there is no usage of it in English cause its mainly used in marathi language.
Its used as "smit hasya" which means smile
by sam123boy1 September 10, 2007
smit is a name of a boy... which means "perfectionist". Some of the qualities of boys of this name are that they are very attractive and also intelligent. They are very friendly and kind. Overall, they are sensitive and lovable people with most amazing minds who are very rarely found.
"Joe wanted to be smit"

"Girls loves Smit"
by Showman282 December 08, 2012
Very small boobs, less than a b cup is considered smits
Me(Legend)"Omg Lois when will your smits develope"
by KillaKydawgMasterMix December 07, 2010
sexy monster in training. Someone who is too young for you to date but is still hot and muscular. Usually a guy, and they usually have a sexy older brother of dateable age.
Friend 1: He is such a s.m.i.t.
Friend 2: I know! I wish he was just a few years older!
by gabrielle :) July 03, 2011
abbreviation of: Soccer Mom In Training

A girl/woman who takes a long time to get out the door, even if you're just going out to get the mail.
She usually drinks Starbucks like it's water and carries a large purse.
She dreams of marrying a doctor and having two kids, and probably fantasizes about driving around a minivan.
-What is taking her so long?
-Oh, she's just a S.M.I.T.
by Celia Ashton February 29, 2004
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