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A mispelling of psycho only incredibly better.
It allows the user of this word the power to describe anything that could possibly come to mind
That guy is such a SYKO hottie!
by Brenn August 09, 2003
The Most Hardcore Member Of A Gang.
Hey Foo!!! That Mofo Was So Syko,... He Took Out An Entire Crew!
by Coty-Syko September 04, 2003
One who is:
i. Unstable.
ii. Able to lay down lyrics without hesitation.
iii. Capable of defeating competition.
That sh!t was Syko dawg, fo' real!
by syKo January 14, 2004
The best frickin last name eva. Ya all are jealous and wish u were a crack- a- lackin Sykos. has the nickname of psycho, but who gives a frick it's true.

Psychos and Sykos rule!!
Psychos Sykos are the best dang thang!
by psycho:D February 05, 2010