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A mispelling of psycho only incredibly better.
It allows the user of this word the power to describe anything that could possibly come to mind
That guy is such a SYKO hottie!
by Brenn August 09, 2003
One who is:
i. Unstable.
ii. Able to lay down lyrics without hesitation.
iii. Capable of defeating competition.
That sh!t was Syko dawg, fo' real!
by syKo January 14, 2004
The Most Hardcore Member Of A Gang.
Hey Foo!!! That Mofo Was So Syko,... He Took Out An Entire Crew!
by Coty-Syko September 04, 2003
The best frickin last name eva. Ya all are jealous and wish u were a crack- a- lackin Sykos. has the nickname of psycho, but who gives a frick it's true.

Psychos and Sykos rule!!
Psychos Sykos are the best dang thang!
by psycho:D February 05, 2010

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