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affecting the style of one who attends dance clubs nightly.
Slim, tan, reek of perfume/ cologne and daddy's money.
Let's not go to that restaurant. It is frequented by Eurotrash.
by Butchie December 19, 2003
wearing clothes that do not match or look altogether stupid
That man in the too-tight jeans and yellow sweater is a walking fashion crime.
by Butchie December 19, 2003
rap star of moderate talent who has a knack for the turn of a phrase, an eye for the white woman and a love of the bud.
I love Snoop's video, "Girls Gone Wild: Doggy-Style."
by Butchie December 19, 2003
New England state, north of Massachusetts. The folk of this state are simple, like cows.
I drove to Cow Hampshire to snag a cheap carton of butts.
by Butchie December 19, 2003
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