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Siegel is a refrence to the creator of Las Vegas Benjamin "Bugzy" Siegel.Which means "Totally bad Ass" or "crazy"
Man, Johnny gets laid all the time he must be part siegel.

That guy seriously jumped off a bridge for fun man hes siegel
#awesome #cool #neat #badass #mean machine
by BurnItAll June 10, 2008
A homosexual act in which a man sits on another mans face and have the other man lick is sweet salty chode.
Wow you wear whitie tightys everyday? May i intrest you in an Apodoca?
#gay #homosexual #fag #chode #queer
by BurnItAll June 10, 2008
A strange act in which a man somehow gets a dog to get a red rocket using only his mouth and continues to finish the poor dog off.
Drunk Redneck:" damn you lookin fine today sparky, i think you diserve a linke.
#apodoca #dog #beastiality #chode #queer
by BurnItAll June 10, 2008
The new slang used to replace queer, stupid, dumb, weak, sensitive, gay and retarded.

EX1.<Kristy> Ow, I scratched my arm.
<Jack> Shut up, quit being french
EX2.<WhaleRider>I'm so sad my Wife spent all my money and I can't control her.
<Schmittens>Quit being french and just slap that ho.
EX3<ClamShell>Damn my Tiburon is the new Hotness!
<Johnny> Naw, that shit is pretty French.

#dumb #queer #retarded #sensitive #stupid
by BurnItAll June 10, 2008
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