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The consumption of small finger food (like crackers and dip) you hoover up at gatherings without even thinking. Suddenly, you look down and you're covered in cracker crumbs, three bean dip and have no memory of eating these things.
I'm hoping to lose the five pounds I put on due to all those holiday snaccidents.
#snacks #food #fat #parties #mindless
by buffycee October 05, 2011
When you have a staggering revelation that's doesn't really impact anyone but you. It's sorta like an epiphany - but much, much smaller. It is to an epiphany what a kitchenette is to a kitchen.
Fee awoke from a dream, and in the moments before normal life returned she was struck by an epiphanette :

She should totally go blonde for the summer.Totally.
#epiphany #trivial #realization #dream #vision
by buffycee July 18, 2011
The idea that fun is always happening at the NEXT party, and you ruin your night running after it, and not enjoying wherever you are. Evenings such as Halloween and NYE are often spent this way.
Q: What did you do for New Year's Eve?

A: Well, we went to the Promise party, then Trackmeet, etc, and moving from venue to venue, thinking the NEXT one would be the biggest good time. Chaysus. Basically we didn't stay anywhere long enough to have fun...

We were chasing the fun horizon all night. Unsurprisingly, we never reached it.
#fun #party #nye #halloween #horizon
by buffycee December 30, 2009
The acute shame and horror you feel when your lover behaves in an embarrassing manner.
Isn't that your boyfriend over there with a lampshade on his head and his trousers around his ankles?

Chaysus - I need to date someone who won't paramortify me all of the time.
#mortify #paramour #shame #chagrin #lover
by Buffycee December 04, 2009
A toxic co-dependent relationship
I went over to Susan's to hang out but all she did was wail about the never ending drama, lies and cheating of her woemance with Mike.
#love #drama #romance #pain #addiction
by buffycee July 26, 2011
Googling the net for definitive answers.
I didn't know if it was a bad idea to mix those meds, so I decided to ask the Oracle and she told me they were the primary ingredients of vomit and comas.
#google #oracle #answers #questions #internet
by Buffycee January 13, 2011
Like a homie but from Canada's Atlantic provinces, which is referred to as Down Home when people are elsewhere.
Sloan and Buck 65 are a great double bill being down homies, after all.
#maritimes #homies #friends #buddies #bros
by buffycee August 16, 2012
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