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short for "fuckin awesome"
Dude, did you see me hit that dolpin with that egg... that was fawesome!
by Bubba October 13, 2003
The more socially acceptable form of "holy shit," often used by shows such as Family Guy to slip past the FCC.
Prison Inmate: Holy crap! That sure was an excellent anal adventure, wouldn't you say so, Nick Carter?

Nick Carter: Holy crap, that hurt.
by Bubba December 12, 2004
Function: abbreviation
Pacific daylight time
The World of Warcraft Stress Test servers will be offline for maintenance starting at 11:40 pm PDT today.
by Bubba September 07, 2004
Evil old dictator who enjoys dressing up like a soldier and smoking cigars... Can't wait till he dies so I can party all night long.
Fidel Castro should die soon.
by bubba November 13, 2003
A sexual act preformed my a male while doing a girl from the backside. The male places his thumbs in the females anus, gathering a "residue". He then takes his thumbs and drags them on each side of the females face, leaving sideburns made by the "residue".
This chick is a slut, shell prollly let me pull a Dirty Elvis on her.
by Bubba July 20, 2004
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