96 definitions by Bubba

1.) (n) - a term reffering to a weapon that one owns; usually a gun

2.) (n) - a term reffering to a mans dick
Say ello to my lil friend!
by Bubba January 22, 2004
black negro word. usually indicates excitement. When man goes to fast /w woman she usually screams this.
YEEEEEEEEAHYAAAAAAAAAAAAA o its soooooo good......mmmm ooooo ya do it again......
by Bubba December 28, 2004
a lesbian who likes to date "straight women" and get them away from the boyfriends.
Look at Cindy hit on that girl while her boyfriends gone, shes such a cat burglar
by bubba July 09, 2004
Used by real men who know that a 3rd Generation Camaro doesn't weigh much more than a piece of shit Honda, but with a Big V8 in the Camaro, it will run over anything.
A 1984 Camaro Z-28 with a stock 305 motor, 0-60 MPH in 5.4 seconds
by Bubba February 21, 2004
The true king of bukkake. He loves bukkake and it shows.
"dude, did you see Bukkake Ete in action last night in Bukkake Night Fever?" "yeah man, he is like the best :o"
by Bubba November 05, 2004
Basically the smallest private school in the world. Consists of teachers who stalk you and want to know every detail of your BIZ-NASS. feels like a prison, with the only cool person going there being stacy robinson. for more information look up stacy. locker number 153 with the gum wall is the best!
example: so and so did WHAT?
and by the time you get to the end of the hall, the whole school knows your life story. SWEET.
by Bubba February 28, 2005
Farmer Senship is a position assumed during sexual intercourse between two men. This position utilizes inanimate objects to the extreme in order to provide a sexual euphoria for one of the two individuals and extreme pain and discomfort for the other. Though the pain is quite real, the arousal factor for the victim exceeds his desire to be the one providing the pain.
Bubba, a cross-dresser convicted of indecent exposure inside of a Kids R' Us, employed the Farmer Senship technique when his new cell-mate, Mark Young, moved in.
by Bubba March 03, 2004

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