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A guy who has venereal disease which has caused a serious infection on his penis that oozes puss.
That freakin' hippie is a cheesedick, so you had better stay away from him.
by Bubba May 09, 2003
With the most blonde personality, this JABELS has the mamouth of all cars, the Goldsmobile. She's the one to arrive late to all of our functions, the first to fall asleep and the first to leave. This girl is truely one of a kind with a rockin' booty that we can't live without.
Late night basket ball sleepover, Bekah says, "guys, stop quoting from 101 Dalmations."
by Bubba March 02, 2005
The worst thing to happen to you if you are in prison.
Don't drop the soap, or you'll get a T-dub.
by Bubba March 07, 2003
anohter word for stupid
that's so pongo!
by bubba January 06, 2004
slag termanology for a 10 sack of marijuana
Playa let me get attention so i can get keyed
by Bubba January 22, 2004
An excellent, thoughtful poster to a web board.

To write an amazingly good post to web board.

Coined in honor of the best poster on tigernet, FordPrefect.
He's a real Prefect.

He really prefected that issue.
by Bubba May 06, 2004
2 of the homies spit roasted this biznitch last night
by Bubba May 10, 2004

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