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The intense pain felt after a lengthy use of earbuds. Commonly associated with the stretching of the ear canal to make room for the earbuds. This pain may end abruptly or may last for several minutes.
Guy 1: Owwww!
Guy 2: What's wrong?
Guy 1: I just pulled my earbuds out. I've been listening to my Ipod for an hour or so.
Guy 2: Oh, you have bud sores?
by Bryceter June 12, 2007
The act of pretending to "set up" for a high five, only to scream "Betrayal Five" and then to slap the chest area of a friend. This is normally done to throw the friend off-balance or to steal something that they have. This term was coined by Todd in the TV show Scrubs.
Steve: Dude, I just found a $20 bill laying on the ground!
John: Sweet! ...Betrayal five!

*John slaps Steve, Steve drops the $20 bill, John picks it up and walks away.*

Steve: Damn.
by Bryceter August 17, 2007
The unique high-five that only two men can share. The guy-five entails a quick, powerful collision of palms quickly followed by either an elaborate, made-up-on-the-spot handshake, or oftentimes, a manly embrace. Guy-fives are limited only to situations in which no females are present.
Dan: I heard you got that promotion.
Steve: Yeah, and I heard you got that chick.
by Bryceter June 26, 2007
To quickly become tired or fatigued.
-I was out all night last night.
-Me too. I'm exaustified.
by Bryceter August 07, 2007
The bravery and courage one feels as they listen to a piece of audio, inspiring them to begin singing in a public place as the music easily masks their quavering voice. Commonly, the person experiencing this CD courage has a terrible voice, but since their voice can not be heard over the music, they hear the authentic vocals and believe they have actual vocal talents which, in fact, is not true. This may lead to singing while no music is playing, sometimes resulting in a loss of friends and severe embarassment.
Brad: Isn't this your favorite song?
Sarah: Yeah, this is!
<Sarah begins to sing softly>
<Sarah's courage builds>
<The song stops and Sarah continues to sing>
Brad: Stop singing. You have no talent at all.
<Sarah's friends leave>
Brad: Man, she must have had some serious CD courage..
by Bryceter June 22, 2007

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