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The unique high-five that only two men can share. The guy-five entails a quick, powerful collision of palms quickly followed by either an elaborate, made-up-on-the-spot handshake, or oftentimes, a manly embrace. Guy-fives are limited only to situations in which no females are present.
Dan: I heard you got that promotion.
Steve: Yeah, and I heard you got that chick.
by Bryceter June 26, 2007
An epic slapping together of hands by brofriends. Doesn't involve any other body parts, JUST HANDS! A guy five should hurt the palm of your hand, otherwise you aren't doing it right. Your hand should tingle for hours afterwards.

A guy five is done when something epic has happened, or when the excitement of life and brofriendship gets to be too much. Often coupled with a brohug.

Guy fives should be celebrated in society and performed regularly.
Levi: "OMG I just designed a new rug!"

James: "GUY FIVE!"

*Huge slapping noise reverberates throughout the world*
by Vickigail December 07, 2012
It's a high five that only men can do. Except instead of slapping hands together you slap penises together.
Guy 1: WOOO we just one the game!
Guy 2: FTW! Guy five?
Guy 1: FO SHO!
*penii slap*
by GETLIQUIFIED March 08, 2009
A type of high-five that men employ during celebrations of heterosexual male activities. It is used almost exclusively in relation to conversations where the topic is women, sports or some combination thereof.
Guy1: "So how was your date with Jane last night?"
Guy2: <grin>
Guy1: "No way, you didn't... you DID!"
Guy1 and Guy2: (Guy-five with attendant knowing grins)
by K'? August 26, 2011

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