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to be sprung; to be in-love; infatuated, whipped.

When a dude loves a girl so much that it hurts, often around the genital area.

Most of the time this comes from the feeling not being mutual, specifically the girl not liking the guy as much as he does her, therefore causing everything she does to hurt his feelings.

The male is usually so in-love that no matter how horrible the girl treats him, he keeps coming back for more.
"Rhianna treats David like shit but he is so balls broken over her, he just can't move on to another girl."
by Brwn Bear July 29, 2009
1. To be completely screwed over, usually do to one's own stupidity.

2. To be in a real predicament and/or a lot of trouble, especially with a higher authority.
1. Stan: We're outta gas.
Jerry: Great goin' dumbass, I told you to fill up the tank when we had the chance.
Stan: I know, I know...now we're fucked sideways.

2. Dude, when your mom finds out that you maxed out her credit card you're gonna be fucked sideways.
by Brwn Bear April 28, 2009

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