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A man of utter and complete badassness, so badass in fact that the badassery contained within him may in fact rival that of Chuck Norris
B-ROIDS and Chuck Norris walked into bar, that bar exploded the instant the door shut, because no building can contain that much badssness in its walls.
by Broyle5k August 19, 2009
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Brain steroids (adderall or ritalin), often used by college students and juniors taking the SATs.
2400 on SAT=24 broids.
by doped September 21, 2010
A Broid is one who is usually seen with others that look just like him. Wearing black socks, skin clothing, and 9 out of 10 times have a huge truck. They are reminiscent of robots.
"Hey look at that group of broids over there."
"Which one? They all look the same"
by hulk brogan December 11, 2008

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