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BriMX is a one-of-a-kind techno artist up and coming from the Baltimore Area. The fast paced music that you'll treat your ears to at or on a CD you have will soon become part of your daily routine. Kids from jville, cville and all over Bmore have rapidly become addicted. If you're feeling depressed or suicidal, there's sure to be a BriMX songtitle to cheer you up. If not; then you're probobly pretty beat/sketch/unchill/unskill.
"BriMX is really chill!"
"I heard a BriMX song and quit Heroine!"
"Liquorjuana - In My Life"
"If I was a boy, and I was under the age of 6, and I heard the word BriMX, I'd probobly want cereal...but if cereal wasnt invented at that time and I heard the word BriMX, I'd probobly want to listen to BriMX."

"Dude cops! Nah dude, I'm not runnin' BriMX is on"
"Dude Cops! Nah dude, they wont give this many kids a citation. Oh wait dude look BriMX just jumped out the window with MegMX!"
by Brian April 21, 2005
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