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30 definitions by Bri

someone with fat, chunky thighs.
Damn..she has some fumunda cheese thighs!
by Bri May 22, 2004
Used to describe something "cool".
That part was the TITS!
by Bri February 18, 2005
The hottest guy around who is always there and u would beable to spot him out of a huge crowd because he is soo hot!!!
Damn Alex your hot!
by Bri March 09, 2004
used like bird. when someone does something super-awesome, you pound them (nicely) with your fists and scream out, "FLOCK!"
FLOCK! (again, 'nuff said)
by bri July 11, 2003
Firebush!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually red heads have a fb.
Bridget has a fb.
by Bri January 17, 2004
A long but thin penis.
His cheed won't fit in his pants because it is too long, so instead he tied it in a bow.
by BRi January 30, 2003
Some made up word i tricked some one named kenny into believing was an actually word so i could win !!!
Bri: Do u know what the word Pagoda means?
Kenny: No
Bri: you suck, I win!!
by Bri March 14, 2005