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A woman who whores herself out for fancy dinners with steak and lobster. The higher the restaurant price the hotter she looks.
I went out with this girl and she was a total steak hooker, she wanted to go to Flemmings and when I said yes she got all dolled up for the occasion.
by brendanbot5000 June 24, 2011
Neo-Introductionism: The control and suppression of a group via the introduction of western ideals and culture such as alcohol, the internet, drugs, democracy, etc.
The US used neo-introductionism in Iraq which spurred on other mass rebellions that the US supports in order to be able to control at a later time.
by Brendanbot5000 May 25, 2011
A code name used by Police and TSA agents when they have to do a body cavity search.
Sir, you are going to have to step aside, the metal detector beeped, we need to do an enterview. This is TSA agent Brooks, I need back up for my enterview.
by Brendanbot5000 November 29, 2012

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