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A term that should remind you of what a loss to the USA having a president such as George W Bush is. A term used by idiots to show they are such.
Idiot 1: "I'm so stupid and ignorant and I can't stand those French bastards"
Idiot 2: "Let's go get us some FREEDOM fries matey, mwhah"
by Brendan October 10, 2003
George Bush is so confused he thinks he's a suitable president
by Brendan October 10, 2003
An idea created by American society trying to make people believe anyone could be anything. Strange how all the US presidents have been in the upper 1% of society (in class-financial terms).
Death of a Salesman
by Brendan September 19, 2003
Short for subwoofers; speaker subwoofers. Often referring to in car speakers.
"wow, man. hella phat subs in yo ride fo sho"
by brendan August 06, 2004
When a student returning from college breaks up with their significant other from high school. So-called because it traditionally takes place over thanksgiving break, the first time most students return from college.
When Jim and Heather came home for Thanksgiving, she gave him the turkey dump.
by Brendan January 30, 2005
Notably racist remark made of black men not long ago in the US, as if they were less than men. Sometimes used today by blacks referring to other blacks however, in a similar way that nigga is.
''My boy Careem ain't gonna go out like dat''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
Fresh snow on a mountainside. Soft and fluffy stuff.
Snowboarder: "Yay! Powder day!!!"
by brendan September 05, 2004
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