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The perfect (maybe) word to write about in Urban Dictionary because everything you say about it is encompassed by it. So if I were to say that Postmodernism is a goat, I am of course, right (left). If I say that Postmodernism is an art movement based on the unsurity of a declining art market of the 90's, I'd be correct (whatever that means). Eat your Captain Crunch, look at a Madonna video and drink a glass of Tang. Reality is media. Reality is simulation. Life is Art.
My professor tried to explain postmodernism but got hung up on what words to use. He kept losing track of the meanings and saying things that nobody could understand. Finally when he was unable to speak any language at all, we all understood and went home but couldn't find it, because home is in the film "The Wizard of OZ".
by Bozlog May 08, 2008
The act of coming up with an idea to solve a problem. The problem may be given to you or you may have created the problem, thus being truly creative. Creativity is a valuable commodity when it is very strong, when weak it is something that people think they have but never really show. Creativity is the mother of invention and the Mothers of Invention were creative. If you wonder about it's worth, think about Velcro and how it's inventor got the idea by looking at thistles.
Jessica's teacher told her to be "creative" so she analyzed the problem looking for interesting solutions and came up with an idea that she decided to market. Now she is worth 20 million dollars and lives in Firenze where she excercizes her "creativity" by painting in the Piazza Signoria.
by bozlog October 05, 2005
The smelly urine that developes after eating fresh asparagus. It is cited that everyone gets asparagus pee but only 20% can smell it. To those that can, the aroma is unmistakable, a uniquely bad smell. To those who can't, be careful to flush after eating a big plate of asparagus, you may make that new love interest run in terror.
Jen's asparagus pee was so rank that I had to go home and flush out my eyes. She didn't even seem to notice it! I don't think I can go there again.
by bozlog November 24, 2006
A person who you loathe who has done a deplorable thing.
Brad, that cuntstain fucked my mom!!!!?
by bozlog September 25, 2005
The prettiest girl in a small town who is under the impression that when she spreads her legs, the sun shines. Generally she has no brains, no personality or originality, but she has an inflated opinion of her worth and will use sex to get what she wants.
Brad fucked up the winning pass at the game last night cause he looked up and saw Becca and the sunlight blinded him. She is soooo sunshine pussy.
by bozlog September 25, 2005
A word used in Beck's train of thought surreal song Hotwax from the album 'Odelay'. His train of thought was kinda Kenny Rogers, barflys and stretch wrangler jeans in the mood to impress. Eeewww....
Silver foxes looking for romance
In the chain-smoke
Kansas flash dance ass pants
by Bozlog November 25, 2006
It is the nagging feeling that if you do something bad, you won't get that cherry parking space or some dude will pull right in front of you as you pull in. It is particularly bad at colleges where the idea of every man for himself combines with late for class. So you spend your life trying to build up parking karma, and are always frustrated.
Damn it, that dude just pulled right in front of me and took my space. I shouldn't have called Becka a bitch last night. Karma Parking!!!
by Bozlog February 12, 2014
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