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A verb in which one releases flatulent air.
"Please do not butt grunt at the table, Johnny. It's impolite."; "I don't feel so well. I've got some major butt grunts going on here."
by Booism July 28, 2009
An expression in which the speaker is expressing an exasperated height of excitement.
"I shall see you in the morning!" "Yayness!"; "We leave for the cruise in 2 weeks! Yayness!"
by Booism July 28, 2009
An adjective to try to begin to describe the indescribable taste of an item, whether it be food or a person who is attractive, as delicious.
"Mmm! This cheeseball is so numptious!"; "Look at that guy at the bar. He's numptious!"
by Booism July 28, 2009

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