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Also see beerdick. The condition that occurs when a gentleman over-indulges on alcoholic beverages and can no longer maintain an erection.

Probably has some historical basis, or something.
LOL, Carter was totally gonna bone Sharon in the ringpiece, at least until he got the Brewer's Droop. They both went home disappointed.
by BlockIsland January 30, 2009
The teeth-gnashing-and-staring manoeuver which the Ice Man (played by Val Kilmer) directs at Maverick (played by Tom Cruise) in the film Top Gun during a towelled up locker room scene.
- Mark, did that dude just Kilmer Bite you?
- Yeah, I think he wants to touch me up!
- Awesome!
by BlockIsland January 30, 2009
To relieve oneself onto foliage
- Where you going to Dave?
- I'm just away to urigate those nice daffodils
by BlockIsland March 30, 2009

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