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106 definitions by Blake

to contract an STD
I gotta go to the clinic cuz i burned my poker
by Blake November 12, 2002
4 3
The noise the golf ball makes when it goes in the hole
Did the ball go in?
yeah, I heard it make that sweet ploonking noise
by Blake November 11, 2002
2 1
to be light on one's feet
wow, that dudes kinda prancepertey
by blake April 28, 2004
1 1
The coolest search engine on the web:
IceRocket is the shiznit.
by Blake February 21, 2004
2 2
To Flaccify is to make or take away ones bonal appendage
she was so dog i was flaccified
by Blake March 10, 2005
0 1
used as slang for wrong, but pronounced differently, sounding much like Brrr-aaange
shes pretty hot.... WRANG!
Nice hat... WRANG!
by Blake April 14, 2004
7 8
man with hairy hairy hairy butt so bad that it needs be cut with scissors and then shaved
Dan Speer
by Blake December 16, 2003
7 8