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The act of positioning your boner straight up you lower stomach to conceal it in public. It sits with the head pertruding from the top of your boxers.
So you’re in class and that hot exchange student who's V-card you've been wanting to steel decides to bend over to pick up her pencil. This nearly gives you a taste of her pussy sitting so visibly beneath her short skirt, but instead you’re left with a boner. Now without Plip'n your immobile, so by positioning it so that it can nestle into your belly button, it has become concealed.
by Blake January 22, 2004
The most lovely woman in the world. A strong woman to whom I can cling when things get tough. ie. My fiance`.
Blake and Marlena love one another... HOO-RAY!!!!
by Blake October 29, 2004
1) How exciting
2) Said upon seeing an extremely attractive woman
1) I won the lottery, Schwing!!

2) Hey look, Michelle from trollwood, Schwing!!
Dude you should be cock slapped, that is NOT schwing!!!
by Blake November 12, 2002
A pig is a dirty slut that even though shes ugly you still fuck the ugly little bitch
I got drunk at the bar last night and went home and fucked this pig
by Blake October 28, 2004
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