106 definitions by Blake

Act of anal sex
Hey man, wanna do the chocolate cha-cha?
by Blake November 11, 2002
when you manage to cum on your bitch and have the cum drip from all sides. you then yell WHITE SPIDER and smile
i didnt have to pay cause i acheived a white spider
by BLAKE October 10, 2004
When a group of guys form a cirle standing up and fuck each other, everybody is a happy simon
Hey Tom, we should get like 10-12 guys together and try a circle fuck it would be awesome!
by Blake March 10, 2004
A condom
Always use a gonad gurdle during sex.
by Blake November 11, 2002
to vomit on some poor saps car as you walk by trashed
Stubbs varded on some rich persons car, but at least he was polite enough to not fid on it.
by Blake April 03, 2005
A foreign asshole or prick.
Don't be such a Rblazevski!
by Blake February 10, 2005
The most lovely woman in the world. A strong woman to whom I can cling when things get tough. ie. My fiance`.
Blake and Marlena love one another... HOO-RAY!!!!
by Blake October 29, 2004

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