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The general classification of the female breasts. Generally the size of them.
Damn, she got some big-ol titties!
by Bizznatch December 20, 2001
Warez are 100% full versions of popular PC Programs which are downloaded via the internet. Although it is heavily illegal, Warez are being distibuted thru the internet thru many sources as you read this. I suggest you stop and go out there and find some right now, you'll save lots of money and have fun doing so at the same time. Like they say, It's only illegal if you get caught. ^_^
I just warezed myself a copy of Windows XP, wanna copy?
by Bizznatch June 30, 2002
the name gives to the Male's breasts when they grow to abnormally large size. Manboos are common on the heavier sized Male, and are not to be mistaken for a normal females breasts.
Damn, Bilbo's manboobs are almosts as big as his Mom's!
by Bizznatch June 30, 2002
to force a person to give the user their property.
That jacket is tight yo, better run that shit bitch before I pop a cap in yo ass!
by Bizznatch December 20, 2001
short for "do you know what I mean?"
Damn, she's got some fine-ass titties, ya-meen?
by Bizznatch December 20, 2001
Word describing a person, comes from the word "homey" or "home-boy", often used towards a person of the "thug-gangsta" category.
Yo mobile homes, better pass that shit.
by Bizznatch December 20, 2001
A disease through which several men and even women get the habit of talking to themselves, randomly laughing at sporatic moments and trying to be ghetto by listening to stevie wonder
I was going out with this wigga until i heard him singing jungle fever and then i found out he got bitchassniggitis
by Bizznatch February 16, 2004
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