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The Man. lives in an indian palace and runs people over with his sequoia. Zul cannot be trusted for he is a big indian who will strike without warning. fear the zul.
watch out, zul coming to whoop you.
by billy bob December 10, 2003
A hairstyle that is short in the front and long in the back.
Also know as the hockey haircut.
Often associated with people named Billy Bob.
Hey, cut your mullet Billy Bob!
by Billy Bob April 22, 2003
A wet dream about a parent or any other close relative.
John's mom is a MILF, but that is still no excuse for him to have a Lehighton Shuffle about her.
by Billy Bob June 03, 2004
a loose woman
that Sian Mgee is as loose as a clowns pocket
by billy bob May 14, 2003
the act of becoming more stoned.
"i'm gonna go get stonier"
by Billy Bob December 13, 2002
someone who can't get there sorry ass out of a chair
YOu lazy ass mo fo get the hell of my couch
by billy bob August 24, 2003
point of origin unknown! Is a new phrase used to describe ones attire and general style. They think they are original but in reality by trying to be different they actually fail! Comes fomr people who think chicken mayo is an individual filling of sandwich.
Bob's hair is so chicken mayo
Fanny thinks that she is so individual but actually she is a complete chicken mayo!
by Billy Bob December 04, 2004

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