70 definitions by Billy Bob

a demented person or speacial needs
that daniel is a right spaz
by billy bob May 14, 2003
an uncommon expletive used to display anger due to unfortunate circumstances
by Billy Bob August 28, 2003
newly immigrated indian, pakistani or sri lankan person. cannot speak english.
dirty ref smells like the inner depths of a rhino's ass.
by Billy Bob June 08, 2003
a extremely gay thing
will & grace is will & grace
by billy bob February 04, 2005
run together like "heyu" is a SOUTHERN expression made popular by Lewis Grizzard, Southern writer. Usually said by good ol boys.
HEYuuu. How ya'll doin ?
by billy bob September 28, 2003
A definition from a Maine native: Don't spit on this here state. If yall be unhappy living here you can leave. I'm gonna take my lifted chevy here and drive it up on your lawn along with my brother, who also happens to be my cousin, and we'll pull out our double barrel shotguns and we'll feed you to my boxer named Moose. Crim yeah!
that's wicked awesome.
by Billy Bob March 14, 2005
Have A Loose Ass, meaning your butt is not tight anymore, meaning something was probably stuck in your ass in order for it to get loose
Rienzo I heard you were with Sean last night, you HALA
by Billy Bob November 14, 2004
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