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An Anchent God, Said to always ride into battle on the back of a Black Dragon (even though he had dragon wings of his own) and never lost a battle he was in.
Moonshadow is coming to kill you
by billy bob April 12, 2005
"Eeg me ho"

Coming from the the phrase Oh My God, of which was shortened to OMG.

OMG spelt in phonetics, oh em gee - of which is reversed to produce EEG ME HO!

Basicly a skit of OMG, used for scacastic states of shock.
Dude1:I just blocked my toilet!
Dude2: EEG ME HO, how cool is that...
Dude1: Yup
by billy bob May 20, 2004
A short girl that smells like cabbage.
Its a bird, its a plane, its a Nethery.
by billy bob September 07, 2004
Very homosexual, queer, gay.
Mr. YamaLlama was very gay.
by Billy Bob June 16, 2004
Someone who talks out of their arse whilst chewing on a kabab.
Dale B: I can fly,
Person: sure dale SURE
Dale B: no serious, i took lessons from superman
by billy bob November 18, 2003
Slang for "What is a Dick For?"

by Billy Bob February 08, 2003
Shaner I'd like to fuck.
I wanna bang Kbrittany like an African Drum in her Supra.
by Billy Bob October 18, 2004

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