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Someone who eats, roots and leaves!
A double entendre Australians use to describe their sexual prowess.
I caught my wife with a koala bear.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
To run away from battle.
When they got whupped by the Norwegian army the soldiers took the swedish exit.
by Bill the Cat April 30, 2008
When a girl dumps you and says "we can still be friends". The ultimate destroyer of relationships.
My girlfriend dropped the f-bomb last night.
by Bill the Cat May 10, 2008
Someone who wants something for nothing.
Like a Pilgrim who came across the ocean he wanted help from the Indians while giving nothing in return.
by Bill the Cat April 21, 2008
What happens to a man's scrotum during extremely cold weather. A painful form of shrinkage.
I had a severe case of the brass monkey in the locker room after the hockey game.
by bill the cat September 10, 2008
A bunch of hoser hypocrites who sing wholesome songs about Kraft Dinner but in reality snort cocaine with Canadian dollar bills.
One of the Barenaked Ladies got arrested last week.
by bill the cat July 18, 2008
The word "commitment", another word you don't want to hear your girlfriend utter while dating. She will either say "I don't want to make a commitment" whereas you get dumped or "I want to make a commitment" whereas she wants you to dump your current wife. For the boyfriend to utter this word in such a way is a big no-no.
My girldfriend dropped the c-word last night.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008

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