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A useless word that has been sent out as the word of the day on Friday Nov 21st, 2008.
"We don't have any good words for today."
"Well then, let's use Vegetarian Vampire!"
"Uh...don't you think people will unsubscribe if we use something so lame?"
by JamesInTO November 21, 2008
A retarded vampire who thinks animals are vegetables.
Girl: OMG! Did you see Twilight?
Guy: No, I don't like watching gay vampires
Girl: He's just a vegetarian vampire...
Guy: You know what that means to them?
Girl: What?
Guy: A vampire who can't get pussy and can't tell the difference between sucking tomato juice or animal blood.
by XxKMEOxX November 24, 2008
An individual who only drink the juice of reddish/ purple fruits and vegetables.
god damn! Im sick of these Plum Juice commercials..they only appeal to the vegetarian vampire audience!!...
by dey exist December 09, 2008
Fags with fangs who clearly don't understand the fact they're already damned, so 'restraining' from killing humans(also animals) doesn't do shit for their morality/afterlife/credibility/personality.

Also, a core vegetarian belief is that the lives of mindless animals are worth the same as those of human beings - So, in theory, being a veggie vamp doesn't make you a better person because it means the same as if you were feeding like a non-fagcula.
Edward Cullen, of Stephenie Meyer (in)fam(y)e, refuses to drink the blood of human beings, thinking it makes him 'principled', thus making him a vegetarian vampire.
by Mina Drakul November 24, 2008
1. A vampire that abstains from drinking human blood, instead substituting animal blood.

2. A vampire that is never truly satisfied.

3. A fan of Twilight that was left unsatisfied after watching that sorry excuse for a movie.
"Man, I saw the Twilight movie last night, and I totally feel like a vegetarian vampire!"
by HappyCabbit November 21, 2008
A phrase which really makes no sense, based on the previous definition listed here. BUT, a definition that would make the phrase more sensible would be "A vampire who does not consume human/animal flesh". But then what's the point of being a vampire??? It just doesn't make sense.
Person 1: Ever hear of a vegetarian vampire?

Person 2: That's not even possible!
by Worder3440 November 23, 2008
A fucking moron who thinks they are somehow a blood feeding insomniac by birth, but are too big of pussies to commit to sucking neck and drink Clamato juice instead of real blood.
That shitty "Twilight" movie increased sales of Clamato juice and Hot Topic garbage 30% in a week and has people actually using terms like vegetarian vampire!
by thepoplin November 21, 2008
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