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A bunch of hoser hypocrites who sing wholesome songs about Kraft Dinner but in reality snort cocaine with Canadian dollar bills.
One of the Barenaked Ladies got arrested last week.
by bill the cat July 18, 2008
The word "commitment", another word you don't want to hear your girlfriend utter while dating. She will either say "I don't want to make a commitment" whereas you get dumped or "I want to make a commitment" whereas she wants you to dump your current wife. For the boyfriend to utter this word in such a way is a big no-no.
My girldfriend dropped the c-word last night.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
A point in time when a leader finally realizes that he has completely lost control. Term relates to the events of 1989 when Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was standing on the balcony in Bucharest and was unable to stop the crowd from booing him. A few days later his government fell and he was executed.
Many people think George W. Bush's Romanian moment was Hurricane Katrina while others think it's the rabid opposition to the Harriet Miers nomination. But others says it will soon happen over his handling of the War on Terror.
by bill the cat July 17, 2008
The tendency of Canadian tourists visiting foreign countries to think that they're universally loved and that their social programs are the best in the world. They tend to have Maple Leaf flag predominant on their clothes and luggage.
Read the book the "The Ugly Canadian: The Rise and Fall of a Caring Society".
by Bill the Cat May 06, 2008
French for "pure wool" used to describe French-Canadians in Quebec who can trace their ancestry back to the orignal settlers of New France.
Allophones and other immigrants in Quebec resent the pure laine culture.
by Bill the Cat May 06, 2008
To destroy and hide any evidence of guilty conduct before leaving.
Before leaving the enclave troops took the Serbian exit by burning down all the buildings and burying all the bodies in an unmarked mass grave.
by Bill the Cat April 29, 2008
To die in jail from natural causes before a guilty verdict can be reached.
Because it took so long to arrest him and the trial carried on for years Slobodan Milosevic was able to take the Serbian exit.
by Bill the Cat April 23, 2008
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