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A large, nut-filled turd that hurts the ass upon exit.
Man, that crap hurt! It was a real ass cactus!
by Bigsteve February 24, 2005
A large inflatable structure often shaped like a house or a castle. Wherein people can bounce up and down trampoline-style.
My mom and dad gave me a great birthday party! We had cake and ice cream, and they rented a jumpy-house!
by Bigsteve May 09, 2005
It's when you hit resume on someone else's xbox. The guy that dates single moms.
That guy goes out with all the single moms. He is such a mom smasher.
by BigSteve February 04, 2014
A state of suckitude, or achieving a stateof suckitude.
"Why always the suck?"
by Bigsteve March 21, 2005
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