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The greatest sports talk show on the radio. It is broadcast on Chicago's AM 670 or on the internet. The show features special segments such as "Who ya Crappin'", where listeners call in and call people out for saying dumb stuff, and "Friday Fung", where a topic is chosen and listeners call in to tell strories about the topic. It is on from 2PM to 6PM and is perfect for distracting you from work.

Terry Boers is a hilarious and goofy old man that makes some of the best comments about various public (and pubic) figures I have ever heard. His greatest line was after being confused about a caller's point he said, "I am all turned around like Heath Ledger." He also does outrageous promotions and sometimes you think he has had a few in the studio.

Dan Bernstein is a very smart Duke graduate who is also a pretty funny guy, but with a dryer sense of humor than Terry. He hates Barry Bonds and other raging ass hats who live in a state of denial about what really happens in the sports world.

The producer is Matt Abattacola who is "to drinking what Kenyans are to running." He prefers Captain and Cokes and is sometimes seen downtown walking around as the show is on the air. Great guy who is pretty fun to drink with.
The other day I was listening to Boers and Bernstein while drinking Alice White wine and was laughing my ass off.
by BigSmooth13 November 16, 2007
The large bubble in a woman's pants directly below her belt. The name is derived from the visual similarity to a cantaloupe being stuffed into the woman's pants around the "cunt". It is usually found in overweight middle aged women who work in various office settings. See also FUPA.
I went to the dentist today and when the receptionist stood up it looked like a canteloupe was stuffed in the front of her pants. She had a huge cuntaloupe.
by BigSmooth13 November 15, 2007
When visiting a fast food restaurant one requests a water for their beverage, but after consuming the water and before leaving the individual returns to the drink fountain and decides to get a pop for themselves for the road. The greediness and selfishness of this maneuver turns a normal refill into a "mefill".
I was at Chipotle the other day and I ordered a water to wash down my burrito, but when I was done eating I went to the drink fountain and got a mefill of Coke.
by BigSmooth13 February 25, 2008

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