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15 definitions by Big pimpin

A burger with a fried egg put on as a topping. Made best at the white spot in Charlottesville, Va. Very good, very greasy.
"Oh Man, i just had a gus Burger and now i am completely full
by Big Pimpin July 05, 2004
Putting your balls over her eyes and then dotting her forehead with your asshole. Hence arabian goggles
She was feeling home sick so I gave her the old Arabian eye goggles.
by Big Pimpin January 16, 2004
Clear is methamphetaminemes, ice or other shwag methamphetamines comminly used by drug dealers
Yo nigga lets hit up some clear.
by big pimpin February 02, 2005
wack; punk ass; bitch ass
"damn dogg where dat trick ass motherfucker at? he owes me some fed er al"
by BIG PIMPIN June 08, 2003
Listen, the whole reason it is called the Indian goggles is because you have to dot her head with your asshole after putting your balls over her eyes.
She said she wanted to look more ethnic so I gave her the Indian googles.
by Big Pimpin January 16, 2004
pimp; owns you and yo momma
damn, that nizzle is shahzadi! Check out his ho's!
by Big Pimpin February 12, 2004
nice body nasty face...

u eat every thing but the head, hense the name
holy shit dude! shes such a shrimp
by big pimpin July 19, 2004