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a rather large (in body weight) african american who is darker than a black hole and usually blends in with chalkboards
guy1: Damn you see that guy over there?
guy2: No I can't
guy1: Figures he's a winford
#black #large #hole #africa #chalkboard
by Big Yetti October 15, 2010
A person who doesn't seem to realize that they're not liked by the group they call their "friends". As it turns out, this person is hated by everyone in that group.
Person 1: Do you know who was following me this morning?
Person 2: Yeah I saw him, that dude is a tud thumper.
#annoying #stalker #douche #confused #bleh
by Big Yetti May 12, 2011
someone who is the king of all pedophiles. This person can usually be seen hanging around elementary schools stalking his prey.
Person 1: Whoa that guy looks weird.

Person 2: Yeah, you know he's a Martin-Readus.
#martin #readus #danyal #jake #caleb
by Big Yetti May 12, 2011
When a man inserts his beard into a woman's vagina and performs oral sex. A long beard is required to correctly perform this act.
Prepare yourself, for I am about to give you the kneeling rabbi!
#kneeling #rabbi #oral #dirty #rabi
by Big Yetti April 07, 2011
(noun)an unexplainable erection achieved during church services
(adj) That little, warm fuzzy feeling you experience when you see something adorable
(N) Preacher: Praise Jesus!
Man: (achieves erection) Praise indeed!

(adj)(Watching tv, Snuggle commercial comes on)

person 1:Aw!!! Look at the Snuggle bear!
person 2: I might have a soul boner right about now
#soul #boner #fuzzy #bear #erection #services #church #adorable
by Big Yetti October 20, 2010
to uppercut a lesser person thus causing all of the hair on the head to explode off in seperate directions.
That guy is such a douche, I just wanna etch-a-sketch him.
#punch #etch-a-sketch #hair #explode #revenge
by Big Yetti May 12, 2011
A more extreme form of potato sacking, which is a more extreme form of tea bagging. Basically, it's tea bagging to the third power.
My swagg was working so hard last night! I was sand bagging this skank until her levee broke!
#sand #bagging #bag #tea bag #extreme
by Big Yetti May 11, 2011
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