11 definitions by Big Simes

A male with an uncanny knack for attracting attractive, desirable women.
opp: vermin magnet
With his fan club of catwalk models, Peter is a real fanny magnet.

by Big Simes January 22, 2003
Referring to clothing items either trousers or strides in the US, or underpants in the UK. Also used to describe something as no good or useless.
Can lead to some confusion when describing unpleasant underwear.
Those pants are totally pants.
by Big Simes January 22, 2003
An activity engaged in by older students during fresher week, where they prey on freshers seeking sexual satisfaction.
Come on Pete, there's plenty of new meat, let's go fresher fishing.
by Big Simes January 22, 2003
A peculiarly english phrase. Taking a ferry accross the English Channel to France to buy copious amounts of booze, mostly because there is less tax on continental europe.
Me and the fellas are taking a van over on a booze cruise, fancy some?
by Big Simes January 22, 2003
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