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Taiwan is the diamond of Asia/Pacific Islands. Thought to be a ecnomic powerhouse and the most economically sound country in all of Asia of our time. The Chinese throughout time have considered Taiwan a rebel state. We say... shove it. Because of our status within the world, the US stations naval carriers and destroyers along the strait of Taiwan to make sure the Chinese dont get a little bold.
Student: Sir if you could describe Taiwan in one word ho-...
Teacher: Perfect
by Big L December 27, 2004
Saviour of the west coast. Signed on Death Row Records.
Crooked I is ill playa
by big l July 20, 2003
An insult for somone who doesnt have a clue. Or people who seem to be spaced out/tripping/sketching
Oh you numptee
by Big L March 07, 2004
1. Verb. To be shot. See also: capped, clapped.
"Shocked as fu*k at havin' just aired that boy out" -- Mobb Deep
by Big L February 14, 2004
Any town in northamptonshire where the 18-24 year olds spend all the money they earn making cardboard boxes or flipping burgers, on fins stupid exhausts, spoilers, wanky dump valves and other parephanalia on their shitty 20 year old mk3 escort.
Kettering is such a twatfarm
by Big L March 13, 2003
Action, moving up and down.
The man was bouncing down the street
by Big L March 07, 2004
1. Noun. Crack cocaine. See also: base, chips, crack.
Tariq rolls marbles in the park.
by Big L February 17, 2004

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